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Land Acquisition Proposal For Canal Construction At Village Mangnali Tq Dharmabad Dist-Nanded CR-2017/01 18/01/2019 Download(610 KB)
On Chinchala Distribution Right Miner Distribution No-9 At Village Hatni Tq-Umari Dist-Nanded 05/03/2019 Download(476 KB)
Isapur right Canal R.M 1 And R.M 2 and Subminer at-Karkheli Tq-Dharmabad 05/03/2019 Download(962 KB)
Karkheli branch canal chain no-2860 mtr Chikana Jarikot Right distribution No-2 At-Chikana Tq-Dharmabad 05/03/2019 Download(674 KB)
Isapur Right canal chain no 131980 mtr on R.M 66 Subdistribution No.2 of Chain no.00 to 1120 At Dhanora (Bk) Dharmabad 05/03/2019 Download(503 KB)
Isapur Right Canol Karkheli branch R.M.3 Chain No.00 to 1600 mtr At Patoda (Bk) Tq-Dharmabad Dist-Nanded 05/03/2019 Download(576 KB)
Land Acquisition For Planned Colony At-Loha Tq-Loha Dist-Nanded 02/02/2019 Download(159 KB)
Proposal to Purchase Directly From Private Sector Negotiations in the Mannar Project Badse Sector At-Bijewadi Tq-Kandhar Dist-Nanded 02/02/2019 Download(175 KB)
Isapur Right canol chain no. 132800 meter on direct distribution no. 67 chain no. 0 to 375 meter at Rajapur Taluka Dharmabad Dist. Nanded 22/01/2019 Download(637 KB)
Isapur right canol / Pangri distribution chain no. 5625 meter minor chain no. 4 (chain no. 1150 to 1410 meter ) at Dhanora (kh.) taluka Dharmabad Dist. Nanded 22/01/2019 Download(595 KB)