District Planning Committee

District Planning Committee
Title Date Download/Link
ALL MLA AA LIST 2017-18 09/07/2018 Download(1 MB)
Administrative approval order 2015-16 .Mr. Amar Sable, Rajya Sabha member, Pune (March 22, 2018) 22/03/2018 Download(2 MB)
List of works approved under District Annual Plan (General) 2017-18, by the end of October 2017 (28 September 2017) 28/09/2017 Download(371 KB)
Providing basic amenities to the schools having minority-dominated schools. Grant-in-aid for the grant-in-aid of the government 2017-18 (28 September 2017) 28/09/2017 Download(842 KB)
Dr. Zakir Hussain Madarasah Yojna 2017-18 submitted to the Government for approval (28 September 2017) 28/09/2017 Download(2 MB)
List of works sanctioned under MLA Local Development Program 2017-18, by the end of October, 2017 (Nanded North) (28 September 2017) 28/09/2017 Download(5 MB)