Revenue / Magistrates Department

  • Office Name:- Revenue Branch / Magistrates Branch
  • Address: – Collector Office, Nanded District Collectorate, Wazirabad, Nanded
  • Head of the Office: – District Collector & District Magistrate Nanded
  • Name of Government Department: – Aurangabad Revenue Department
  • Ministry:-Ministry of Revenue and Forest, Maharashtra State
  • operational area:-Geographical all talukas related to Nanded district

Specific work:-

  1. Assist Hon Collector and Additional Collector for Magisterial work.
  2. Approval of arms license – Disapproval and all matters related to weapon
  3. Order to investigate the firing of the police, investigating the magistrate about the death of the prisoners in jail
  4. Take action against the bogus doctor review committee
  5. Cases under Right to Information
  6. Mahatma Gandhi TantA Free Village Campaign Implementation
  7. Regarding issuing filthy certificate for the maintenance of petrolium A, B and C. Scrutiny of proposals
  8. Regarding permission to store petroleum products. Scrutinize
  9. Regarding withdrawal of social and political cases. Take action on sending the proposal to the government.
  10. Consolidated leave of prisoners – Recommendations to the elite superintendent for release from time to time
  11. Sub-Divisional Police Officer Daindini
  12. Cases from state excise duty
  13. Arms license
  14. Approval of purchase of weapons
  15. Regarding increasing the arms license area.
  16. Permission for filing an allegation against weapons.
  17. Licensing of the Arms License
  18. Extension of purchase of arms
  19. Recognizing the dead weapon holders with record of record holders
  20. Renewal of arms license
  21. Dispose off the issue according to the order received from the jurisdiction
  22. Bogus Doctor Recollection
  23. High court notices, sending provincial reports and other judicial matters.
  24. Law and order
  25. Issuance of mandate order under Mumbai Police Act in the district
  26. To nominate the district government lawyer and government prosecutor on his demand
  27. Fasting, streetcar, self-sacrifice, etc. In accordance with the movement, take action against law and order
  28. To scrutinize and renew the approval of the cracker license proposal
  29. Appointments of Special Executive Officers
  30. Allowing other entertainment programs apart from cinema.
  31. Newspaper titanium verification, declaration and subsidiary work.
  32. Order regarding Weekly Market Approval and Closing
  33. To scrutinize the approval of the proposals for the Khagraigram license.
  34. Renewing Foodhouse License
  35. Explosives- To file a charge sheet against the accused under the Petroleum Act.
  36. To settle grievances and other general matters
  37. To take action in connection with the implementation of noise pollution law
  38. Reviewing criminal cases in the executive magistrates and sub-divisional offices and preparing monthly sheets
  39. Implementation under SC-ST Act
  40. Permission to set up the statue

All related employees:-

  1. Senior Clerk
  2. Clerk
  3. Peon