Assembly General Elections 2019

Title Youtube link
Brief introduction to the Voting Machine View
Various Tags and Paper Stamps View
EVM and VPPAT Connection View
M3 EVM Switch On,Total,Close View
Examining and seizing voting machines and voter materials. View
Photo Voter list and check for work View
Design of polling station View
Appointment and meeting of voting representatives View
Seal the voting machine. View
Mock poll and sealing process. View
Duties of Voting Officers Nos. 1, 2 and 3. View
Voter turnout in the ASD list. View
Objectionable Voting and procedures for that matter. View
The voting process. View
Voters who decide not to vote. View
The poll of the blind and disabled voters and affidavit of the person helping blind and disabled voters View
EDC Election Work Certificate Voters Poll . View
After the PB is registered on the voter list, the voter should not be allowed to vote at the polling station. View
Poll Ending process View
Voters refuse to vote. View
Presiding Officers Routine on Poll Day. View
Filling up of the voting record in 17C. View
Filling the PS 5 form. View
Reporting Issues. View
Filing constitutional and unconstitutional forms by the Presiding Officer and seal it in the envelope.. View