Establishment Department

  • Office Name:- District Collector Office Nanded
  • Address: – Collector Office, Nanded District Collectorate, Wazirabad, Nanded
  • Head of the Office: – Resident Deputy District Collector Nanded
  • Name of Government Department: – Aurangabad Revenue Department
  • Ministry:-Ministry of Revenue and Forest, Maharashtra State
  • operational area:-Geographical all talukas related to Nanded district

Specific work:-

  1. Appointments and transfers of class-3 and class-4 employees, point-of-enrollment and rehabilitation of backward classes in promotion and promotion – Backward class work – Major transfers and post-installation
  2. From post office to postman, from postmaster to clerk, clerk – Talathi, Ajlak Karakun, promoted to the post of officer
  3. Ensure the prevention of vigilance
  4. Regarding service retirement, voluntary retirement in class-3 and class-4.
  5. Release of leave of class-3 and class-4 employees and officers – leave freezing
  6. Confidential report of class-3 employee
  7. Under the Service, the promised promotional scheme – regular promotions
  8. Departmental inquiry – List of suspicious honest employees – Officers – criminal cases of Approval, re-education – officers and employees
  9. Court cases related to collections
  10. The recruitment process of revenue department and other areas under the selection of the district
  11. Kotwal-shaipur-Lipik-Talati-Awal Karkan-Mandal Officer’s seniority list
  12. Scholastic Course – To allow employees to sit at the competition exam
  13. Compassionate Appointment Cases -Mahasul Division and other Government Offices
  14. Judicial and other subsidiary works related to Police Patil-Kotwal recruitment
  15. Departmental Secondary Service Examination – Matriculation Matriculation Examination and Employee-Departmental Secondary Service Examination – Revenue Revenue Examination – Computer Qualification Examination – Examination of Adharth Mandal’s Hindi-Hindi Language Qualification Examination.
  16. Stimulating of Group C and Group D employees – Permanent certificate issuance
  17. Verification of caste staff all the castes
  18.  Nadey-Nachokak Certificate Gazetted-in Gazette
  19.  Additional charge pay-leave travel concession- Adopting a higher class of scholarships for tribal areas
  20. Marathwada – Send the Yashada Training Officer to the staff.
  21.  Removal of grievance complaints in government office
  22. Regular wait period
  23. Check the 30-year age of service and 50-55 years of age and the appointment of non-staffing staff
  24. Tehsildar – Send information to the Deputy District Collector for promotion
  25. Present information for promotion as a nominee Tahsildar
  26. To protect the rights of the disabled and purchase the equipment

All related staff:

  • Senior clerk
  • Clerk
  • Peon