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Government Holiday’s

Public Relations, 2007, General Records Act, 1881. Under section 25 of Section 1116 / Proc. / 138/29-Negotiable Authorities Act, 1881 (26 of 1881), which was entrusted to the Government of Maharashtra under the Notification No. 39/168 DDL / 3 dated 8 May 1968 of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. Are there. By using these rights, the Government of Maharashtra declares the days mentioned below as a public holiday for the year of Maharashtra in the Maharashtra State by notification.

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Local Holiday’s

Local Holiday’s Declared By Hon.District Collector Year-2018

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Election Of Gurudwara Board Nanded-2018

Election Of Gurudwara Board Nanded-2018 -Election Declared by Government Of Maharashtra according to Gurudwara Rule 1963 (12 July 2018)

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PIL No-173/2010 Dr.Bedekar Vs State of Maharashtra

Public Litigation Interest Case No.173/2010 Dr.Mahesh Bedekar Vs State Of Maharashtra and Others.

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Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee Dharmabad

Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee Dharmabad Election program 2018

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