Election Department

  • Office Name:-Election Branch, Collector Office, Nanded
  • Address: -Collector Office, Nanded District Collectorate, Wazirabad, Nanded
  • Head of the Office: – District Collector & District Election Officer
  • Division : Election Branch,Nanded
  • Ministry:-Chief Election Officer, General Administration Department, Mumbai-32
  • operational area:-Election related to Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha and Vidhan Parishad

Specific work:-

  1. Election related works.
  2. Registration of all eligible voters
  3. Democratically and indefinitely holding elections
  4. Counting of votes and declaration of results.
  5. Presenting diversified report of the election to Election Commission of india as well as Mock election officer,Maharashtra in the office.
  6. To pay wages and allowances of officers of the election branch and employees
  7. Complete the work related to establishment
  8. To settle the issues related to Accounting matters in the election to Hon. Accountant General, Nagpur.

All related employees::-

  1. Deputy Election Officer.
  2. Naib Tahsildar
  3. Senior Clerk
  4. Clerk
  5. Peon